Rothman Technologies Inc. 

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Rothman Accepting Offers in 2013

   Rothman Technologies Inc. is publicly announcing that we will be placing the company and the 100+ associated patents, patent pendings, un-stamped drawings, royalties, and endorsements up for offer.


After a lifetime of successful discovery, Mr. Russel Rothman is ready to make his technologies/ processes and expert consulting availbale for the economical, ecological, and environmental benefit.

Inventions include but are not limited to:

  • Hydrogen Producing Tablets
  • Energy Cells & Processes
  • Innovative Building Materials & Processes
  • Chemical Compounds & Processes
  • Sustainable Energy Harnessing Technology

Details of patents the company holds and links to the Patents Canada Database can be found in PATENTS.

  Mr. Rothman hopes to continue developing his Sustainable Energy Technologies and is seeking like minded entities interested in financially assisting the development of his Patented Technologies. After seeing so much past success he is safely anticipating this will allow the technologies to move swiftly passed the current R&D stage into manufacturing and distribution at high capacity.

   Lucrative vehicle for existing energy company, hedge fund, venture capital firm or similar entity looking to increase aquisitions & diversify portfolios. We believe you will discover that aquiring rights to these industry standard processes could prove to be very beneficial. 

  A truely amazing and exciting business opportunity for anyone aware of the advantages of aquiring these properties and the expertise of Mr. Rothman.

Having recently begun our marketing we will be accepting ROFR's (Right of First Refusals).

We are listening to all offers (investment, merger, venture, etc...).

 We encourage any questions and to make direct contact via


Thank you,

Rothman Technologies Inc. and Associates

- January 2013 -

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